One thing you may have noticed since my last post, or possibly not, is that I’m in the process of open-sourcing a bunch of projects.

What Projects?

I won’t list everything I’m working on in this post as I have so many small projects, some were even started quite a few years ago and never finished, I’ll be getting them into working order and releasing on GitHub in due course. I had originally intended keeping them closed-source, but I see no point in this now and believe that the projects would do much more good for myself, and the open-source community if I just stuck them on GitHub.


This app was created primarily as a fun little project after reading regular posts by people on Reddit, saying that their battery had run out on their laptop at night, whilst using software / viewing websites that discretion should be advised for. The problem would come the next day when turning the laptop back on, whilst at work and whatever was being viewed the night before, loading straight back up again, this is designed to stop that from happening.

Does Not Want

As mentioned in my last blog post, dedicated to this project, it’s a filter for Spotify. Read the article here


This project is a bit heavier than the other 2, it is being designed to help my mother with her knitting patterns. Up to now she has been writing them up by hand initially, and then writing them up in Word, in order to convert to PDF. Now as much as I love Word, it’s a pain in the arse at the best of times, and doing something like this can take a good few days to get right.

So what I’ve created is an application that takes in a markdown document as the primary content for the pattern, and a bunch of images. It then allows the markdown document to be converted into Word format with a single click. The net result, my mum should be able to be far more productive with this application that with Word.

I’m in the process of getting this app built and published automatically to S3 using appVeyor, but the source is code complete; aside from some minor bug fixing.

What’s devoctomy?

Okay, so I’ve not created the website yet, that’s another job I’m yet to do! So busy! Anyway, devoctomy is my company, I’m CEO. It’s a reboot of my own personal projects as “npSoftware” stands for “Nick Pateman Software”, so I’d like a more mature home for my projects with a more professional tone. I’m also going to release some small Windows 10 apps in the near future (if all goes to plan), some free, some not free.

npSoftware will remain my primary blog, but when I want to be a bit more serious, I shall be blogging to, when the site is done. Obviously the language there won’t be as colourful as here and I won’t be writing about weird dreams.

Anyway, so that’s some of the stuff I’m working on, much much more in the pipeline!