Second blog post for the day, I dunno if that’s excessive or not, but I’m bored so whatever! Anyway…

Gaming Against The Clock

I used to love multiplayer gaming online, back in the day of Quake and Unreal Tournament, and I’m talking about the first versions here, not their current incarnations. I used to find it hilarious, partly due to the appalling graphics, but the gameplay was so much fun, first person games were in their infantsy… and I was young.

Not that I don’t enjoy online gaming now, I do, it’s just that it’s changed so much. For example, I’ve recently got back into playing some Call of Duty, this time Advanced Warfare on the PS4 with my 2 brothers. I’m playing against people that have been racking up some serious hours since the game was released, and that includes my brothers. I’m a noob, and what’s second nature to them by now is still just a spack-handed twitch by me that usually results in me shooting a wall or throwing myself off of a cliff.

Skill Base Match Making

They have skill based match making, which is actually an excellent idea, the idea is it puts people of equal skill against each other, but of course it has its problems. For example if I want to join a game with my 2 brothers, Tim is max prestige, Danny is almost there too, and I’m level 50 and refusing to prestige as I don’t want to lose all my guns and I know I’m not likely to play it long enough to max prestige. That combination of skill levels makes for an interesting skill curve when attempting to use skill based match making which regularly results in not even being able to get a game, yup you literally sit there for 45 minutes waiting for a game and then nothing. It’s a proper pain in the arse.

Then there’s “The Last of Us” which I’ve only just started playing, again with my 2 brothers. That doesn’t have any skill based match making, which means it can me us 3, all less than level 5 (not sure what we are on now), playing against people at level 200, 300, 700… wtf? You basically just spend the entire game dying all over the place.

Get In Early

Basically it seems like the only way forward for succeeding in these games is to get in early, preferably from Beta and play as often as possible. Then, and only then will you get max enjoyment from the game and may actually win occasionally.

Or just play, die lots and try and have fun from douching / trolling others, which I’ll leave for another blog post ;)